"Mom, Are We Poor?"

“Mom, are we poor?”

That is the question I woke up to today.  

Not the way I wanted to wake up.

Most mornings I have a routine of gym, journaling, reading, meditating… you know all the good for you shit that is recommended to do first thing in the morning.  

Welp… not today. You see the sharks finally made their attack. And it was violent last night. It was a sneak attack. So much so that I took sleeping meds to help me sleep. So… as you can imagine... waking up this morning was difficult. Very foggy this morning.  

The morning chaos was setting in… no one can find matching socks (or even semi matching socks). There was a request for pickles for breakfast… again! There was pee on the floor (dog, cat, child...no idea...lol).  The clothes that should be clean from last night were still drying. You know… chaos.

Back to the question…

I was shocked at his question.

So I asked him why he would ask that.  

“One of the kids in my class asked if we don’t have enough money because I only get 3 things in my lunch everyday.”

Say what?!?!?  

I don’t know about you but I think 3 things is plenty. It usually is a sandwich, a cracker of some nature, cheese and/or fruit if we happen to have any.  And some days is more and some days less… ok, it might be a struggle to do lunches for 4 growing boys on grocery day.

You know what I mean… the day that you have what seems like zero food in the house because they ate it all.  

I asked him if he wanted more and he said no… and anyways… whenever we pack more in the lunch.. It doesn’t get eaten because they never have enough time at lunch (but that is a whole other topic).

Most days the extra food gets crushed and smashed and is found days later in the bottom of the backpack.  Or if you are really lucky… you find the moldy sandwich in the closet months later. SO GROSS!!!!!

Ok, so what is the point?  

My point is this…  don’t let other people’s perceptions or opinions affect you.  When I first heard my son’s question, it made me really sad.

And I started to stew on it. The negative thoughts started creeping in.  

“I am a bad mom because they don’t have super big lunches.”

“I am a bad parent because it is not all organic… blah blah blah.”

“People think we are poor.”  

“We will never be anything more than we are right now.” “

“We are stuck with the cards we were dealt.”

“My boys will grow up hating us.”

“I am not good enough.”

“I should just quit.”

You know… all the bad shit we tell ourselves.  

I stopped myself in my tracks and chuckled a little.

Why the fuck was I letting this ruin my day?

It was one little comment by a 7 year old kid ... he doesn’t really understand the world.  They are just struggling to figure out who they are and where they fit in the world, etc.  They might get 4 things in their lunch….so 3 things seems like not much.

Who the fuck knows and who the fuck cares?  

So ask yourself this…

Is your child going to bed hungry everyday?  


Ok then, your job here is done. It doesn’t matter how much you pack in their lunch.  3 or 4 things… doesn’t matter.

You know your kids best. You know what they will and won’t eat.  Oh and I forgot to mention we have a gluten allergy in there too so it makes it extra challenging… especially when the other kids eat all the gluten free food.

Remember all problems have solutions even if the solution is to just say fuck it and let things roll off of your back.  

Until next time … DON’T LET THE SHARKS WIN!