100 Days

What can happen in 100 days?

So… 100 days ago I was having a breakdown pretty much every week.  

Tears, sobbing, in my blanket fort, hiding from the world.

My demons would get the best of me.  

Depression, anxiety, stress, doubt, fear… all that bullshit would engulf me. One negative thought would lead to another and it was a vicious cycle that is hard to pull yourself out of.  This was a “normal” thing for me. It was just how things were for me. That was just life and the cards I was dealt were never going to change (more on that in a later post).

Well, you know what?  


Yep, you heard me.  

You have the choice to think negatively or positively and the amount of work is the same.  

Why was I letting the demons win? It was easier that’s why. I didn’t have to make myself uncomfortable.  

I could just hide under my blankie where monsters couldn’t get me instead of fighting.

Fighting is hard, right?  

Change is even harder, right?

You have to fight for what you want in life. Whether it is in biz or life or your family.  Whatever it is will not just be handed to you.

Take fucking action.

Ok, ok, ok… I know what you are thinking… Easier said than done.  And that’s true. Change is going to take lots of hard work, blood, sweat, tears, coffee, chocolate and maybe a little vodka...LOL!

Do you know what the key ingredient in all this is though?  MIND-FUCKING-SET!

What does that mean you ask?  

Well, it means doing some deep inner work.  

Over the last 100 days that is exactly what I have been doing and the transformation has been nothing short of amazing.   

First was carving out time to do this “work.”  Self care morning routine is a nonnegotiable. For me it means getting up at 4:45 am to hit the gym.  Then home to journal and read at least 15 minutes (a mindset book). You have to set yourself up for success everyday when you wake up.  Set your intentions for the day. And you know what else? DO IT EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY! No, I mean it. On the days that I slip on my morning habits… I always have a shit day.  

Second was taking time every Sunday to reflect on the previous week (wins, frustrations, etc) and setting up the upcoming week.  When I first started it felt very unnatural but now I can’t start my week without it. Taking time to reflect allows me to learn from any mistakes I make.  Setting up my week includes writing down 3 tasks that I want to get accomplished. Only 3… if I get more done great. But I pick 3 big things that will move the needle in my biz. When you write your tasks and goals down it tends to lead to a higher success rate of them being accomplished.  

Third was really looking inward.  This came when I would journal. I asked myself some tough questions.  Pulled back the curtain and really looked at where I was, where I’ve come from and where I am going.  Not where I want to go but where I am absolutely without a doubt going.

So… why am I sharing all this?  

I challenge you to commit to 100 days.  

100 days of change.

100 days of striving for better.

100 days of pushing yourself.

What would life look like for you in 100 days if you got to work on your mindset?  

What would happen if you put some habits in place, wrote down your goals and fucking went for it?   

Amazing shit would happen, that’s what!!

You are not alone.  

You don’t have to tackle 100 days alone.

Join me here → bit.ly/livelaughdanceandkickass

We will support you, motivate you, answer questions and meet you where you are on your journey!  

Need help with biz? Done.

Need help with mindset? Done!

Want to have a dance party? We can do that too!

Seriously though… I invite you to jump in, take the 100 day challenge and make some fucking epic changes!